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  Welcome to Aaron Untalan's homepage!


Aaron "CY" Tuesca Untalan is a well known Nurse, Writer, Reviewer, Developer of Critical thinking, and an active participant in promoting the highest standard in Philippine Nursing and Nursing Education.

The aim of this website is to help his readers and supporters in their education, and to provide them advices and knowledgeable facts regarding their Nursing endeavors.

As a nurse and a nursing student his readers and followers face day-to-day hassles, that maybe due to the lack of information and misguidance of their nursing counselor in their respective schools. This website should serve as a link for them to get the best advice and counseling available straight from Aaron T. Untalan himself.

This site does not promote a single school of nursing, or a particular review center, but aims to give the students their best option for their own benefits rather than the institutions.

All pages in this website are reviewed and updated together with Aaron T. Untalan, and the contents are updated every week for the benefit of the reader.

CY"s word for the readers

Dear nurse,

You know it's funny to call anyone a nurse and they are expecting me to teach them as if they are my students. I still vividly remember when I was in your shoes (empathy). Nursing was so pure those days, those who took-up nursing have one goal in mind, and that is service. Sadly nowadays that is not just service anymore but rather service to other country or worse dollars.

I'm sad because the students take the nursing course today for all the wrong reasons. It's not bad to work for a greener pasture, and it's reasonable to dream of a better future for yourself and your families. What is inhumane is to tear down a profession that is meant to serve, rather than to be served, to annihilate what is important to the weakest of the weak in their time of need, to use something that is untainted as stepping stone for a more selfish intent. And as we all know stepping-stones eventually breakdown and crumble.

Please join me together with the real nurses of our country in the crusade of elevating and uplifting the standards and ethics of our nurses today. And please don't destroy what we all helped build.

I, personally encourage all my readers not to take the nursing profession lightly. Do not go to schools of nursing that offers short cuts, and who are more concerned with the money they will make, rather than the welfare of the future patients of their students. I would not also advise students to be in review centers that promise the heaven and earth but dose not deliver results, sometimes the people who talk about ethics and credibility are the ones who lack those things.

Please support our local authors and don't rely on pirated materials, the value of our books are being compromised, and the intellectual property of the authors are being cheated.

Above all be the best nurse that you can be; always remember that nurses are vessels of God's blessings. Be a nurse that your parents and country can be proud of. Put your head up high because you are the best type of nurse there is, because you are a PINOY NURSE.

May my website be our link to communicate. I would not hesitate to share what I know, and I am willing to help students to be in your right path. Please don't hesitate to email, or contact me.

Not everything is for sale, and hopefully not everything has a price!

A fellow nurse,

Aaron "CY" Tuesca Untalan, R. N.

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